12 January, 2010

bloggity blog blog blog

I'm an artist. On those days when I actually do art. But many days I avoid it. I'm trying to do the Julia Cameron "Artist's Way" exercises and frankly for me, writing comes easily but art comes hardly. Drawing now requires a discipline to DO, when it used to be so hard to tear myself away. I used to be able to just sit in front of the tv and draw for hours, but now my eyes have aged and focusing back and forth is awful. But glasses are very uncomfortable (amblyopia? crooked nose? both!) I should just start doing the books-on-tape thing.

guess what. I am afraid to make yet another mess in my house. So I avoid art... because I should be cleaning. I'm going to get up right NOW and go draw something (ah, the lovely sound of hard rain on my aluminum back-porch awning).

08 January, 2010

Rumination: The Princess Bride and My Favorite Year

My sweetie and I were watching My Favorite Year just now, and I noticed something interesting. There's a scene where Benjie and girlfriend KC are watching an Alan Swan movie and Swan's character, a Robin Hood type, says "As you wish". Then a swordfight ensues, ending in the death of the villain. As the Swan movie concludes, the hero and heroine kiss. The next shot is Benjie and girlfriend kissing. She says "I guess this is the kissing part of the date".

Does this ring a bell to you? I'm not talking about plagiarism. I'm talking about monkeys washing yams - or possibly a subtle tribute, or a shared in-joke. I'm very curious.

Here's something interesting: David Palladini's tarot deck, circa 1975. Isn't that Buttercup?

The Door is Open

I took this phrase from two sources:
the U2 song "Gloria", and my favorite Rumi poem:

"The Breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep
you must ask for what you really want
Don't go back to sleep
People are going back and forth
Across the doorway where the two worlds touch
The door is round, and open
Don't go back to sleep"

I have spent a fair amount of my life wide awake and dreaming, other times sleeping where my dreams were so vivid I wanted to go back and figure out how to make them real. How do I bring dreams into the waking world - dreams of creativity, of joy, of peace, of fun? How to take the shadow of my psyche and use it to heal myself and others instead of hurt?

I have eclectic taste - possibly insane taste - ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. I like silly humor more than I like sarcasm. I have a lifelong interest in why the heck the world is the way it is... cause and effect? G/d/s? Quarks? Who knows. Even if I thought I knew, that would be faith. The intersection between faith and knowledge - a dangerous and blurry place.

As the Firesign Theater states ".... a force that can only be used for good... or evillllll..." but I don't remember what they were talking about, was it a time machine?

I'm blessed with brilliant and creative friends; you'll find links to their blogs, art and ideas here. I'll add my own art and interests as time permits. Daring to put ourselves out there is one of the greatest challenges many artists face. Creating is easy, sometimes it happens all by itself. Communicating... hard.